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Change up

So, I made that other calendar, then decided it was too impersonal, even though I like the way it turned out 🙂 So…I made a new one.


And down it came

So, we are now one tree short in the front yard 🙂 The poor thing had been dying for years, before we even bought the house, but it finally gave up. Thankfully we have AMAZING neighbors that helped us cut it down and into nice bundles 🙂
Downed Tree

Funny Quiz

Ok, I’m a little tired from the week, so here’s my impressive post 🙂 If I get up the motivation, I might add another one later today, but in the man time, this is a pretty funny quiz:

You are 94% Oregon


Congratulations! You are a native Oregonian. Pick up your honorary singing salmon plaque at City Hall.

How Oregon are you?
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Brushy Creek Park

Ok, now I’m going crazy with this lol. I think Carlie started a monster!!
So yesterday I decided to take the kids to a little park after Decker got out of school. We had a blast, and thankfully Jared decided he didn’t want to go swimming, but Decker said he’d be our lifeguard, so we would have been ok 🙂
Brushy Creek Park

Next Month

Every month now, I have been making my own background calendar for my computer. I have a calendar in other places, but for some reason, this one I pay attention to the most. I also use a program that lets me make little stickies, so I can have events on days, and if they change on me, I can actually move them instead of going and modifying the picture itself. Either way, here’s next month 🙂
Oh, and it’s designed for my monitor, so rez is 1680×1050 (widescreen)


Homework Assignment

Yesterday Decker had an awesome day at school, he got to paint, and play, and have lunch in the cafeteria and fall of the bench lol.  At least he had fun, and was all exited this morning to go back, exhausted, but excited 🙂

So, this morning when Decker went off to school, he said I had an assignment.  I had to do a scrapbook page for Jared.  So, heck, why not?


Decker’s gone to School!

Well my firstborn has left for kindergarten today 😦 He’ll be fine, jumped out of the car, I asked him “you know where to go?” He responds, “Yeah I know, see ya later!” Yeah, he’ll be fine hehe Decker's 1st day of kindergarten