And so it begins…

So Carlie (for those that don’t know her, she’s my sis-in-law) has been bugging me for a little bit now to get a blog started…so…here it goes 🙂

Yesterday, we had a fun and exciting day! (I’ll just start there cause it was busy lol) We got up early and the previous day, Decker’s Kindergarten teacher had come by and already gave us HOMEWORK!!!!  So she gave us this little man to decorate and look like Decker.  He had soo much fun painting, and gluing, and cutting, and making an all around mess 🙂 Now that I’m doing this, I believe I’ll be taking more pics, cause…well I didn’t take any pics of us making the mess!

We also got to drop by the school, and drop off our homework assignment while we put away all of his school supplies.  While I was working, Decker was making friends. He met a nice boy named David and is all excited to see him again!….Still can’t believe Decker’s goin to school already.  First day is next Tues!!  Go Old Town!

Old Town Elementary

Old Town Elementary


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  1. I love it! Great start. I love to hear whats going on. Im so excited for Decker!


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