Labor day weekend

So I don’t know bout the rest ofyou but holy cow were we busy. Friday Jared and I took a trip to Fry’s and I went in with the intention of buying a camera (I use my cell phone right now), and ended up going out with a printer. Decker’s school does this e-backpack thing, so I have to print stuff out…oh well.
Sat Tara and Nyla (my in-laws) came up and took me to a movie and to Ikea for my birthday (I know that sounds weird, but anyone that knows me knows I love Ikea).
Monday was nice, cause Jason took the kids to the park and I got a brief break 🙂 Now Iknow this page isn’t the best, but meh I’m tired and jsut wanna get something up 🙂


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  1. i like it I dont know what your talking about. Its perf! Did you get anything at Ikea?!?! They have a new cake there called the princess cake (lame name, I know) Its soooo good. I just went there and got a bunch of stuff!woot


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