Morning Phone Call

So last night, we had a fun Friday night. We made Mexican mix casserole, which is really just chili, corn, cheese, and doritos. 🙂 We also watched Karate Kid. Was hilarious how excited Decker got at the end, all jumping around and such when the kid won.
Then, this morning I woke up to a phone call. The weird thing was….it was Jason’s phone calling. He was in bed right next to me, so I pick up the phone….it was Jared! That little stinker had figured out how to call me, and was telling me about how he was playing trains with his brother. He was just chit-chatting away when Jason opened the door and he walked right in. That kid is WAY too smart for his own good. Jason even double checked to see if he had called anyone else, and he hadn’t. Know, hopefully Jason will keep his phone in a safer place, although the morning phone call was kinda fun. 🙂


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  1. i love him! That is so cute


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