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No Surprise

So, no real surprise that people have stopped looking here. I dont blame them. I’ve been sick for so long now, it’s just gotten me mad.
Rant on:
If you are sick, DO NOT invite us over. If someone will be there is sick DO NOT INVITE US OVER. Or at least let us know someone will be sick there so we can make an informed choice.
I’m sorry, I’m just so tired of being sick, and I’m sick again. I’m tired of my kids being sick, and they’re sick again. We eat well, all have good immune systems….but when people are really sick, yeah, we’re gonna get it if we haven’t had it before.
Rant off.

Ok, now that I got that out, I should be up to start taking pics and doing more scrapping. Sorry bout the delay, me sick, and sick kids will always be a priority.