So on MSN there was an article I read about a girl who started a $1 a day grocery bill. Total for the year she would only spend $365. The comment section was ridiculous, saying it was impossible, saying that she was on food stamps, and it also didn’t help that she said she didn’t eat meat. At first this did make me skeptical, then I thought about it. She’s one person. That doesn’t translate to a family, so with her thinking, that would allow me $4 a day. That gives me $28. I’ve been averaging $32 a week, and I buy meat. People were also complaining about how they could not live on rice alone. HA! We certainly don’t.
One simple concept: Couponing!! and I never buy meat over $1 a pound and when I find it, I buy at least 10 lbs and put the extra in the freezer. I’ve seen a lot of sites. My favorite is . I like it because it links me to a ton of coupon sites, including giving me lists of what’s on sale outside of the circular at my grocery store.
So do I think a $1 a day per person is possible? Heck yeah!


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  1. Posted by carlie on March 21, 2010 at 2:22 am

    wow! That is insane! 1 buck a day is amazing. I think $4 is a good goal. Let me kinow how it goes. GO Jen Go! have you ever heard of or something like that????


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