Omg Yummy Chicken

So yesterday I totally forgot to take out food for dinner. Honestly didn’t think about it till 3. So…first thing I grabbed was frozen chicken breast (still on the bone). What the heck do I do with it? so I look in the fridge…I have an orange and a lemon….ok.
So I dumped 4 pieces of chicken breast in a plastic bag, added the juice of one lemon, and the juice of one orange. I then added minced garlic….a retarded amount of garlic…I think it ended up being 8 cloves lol. I threw in probably 1/2 tbl of oregano….man I wish I had fresh oregano. Then I dumped in a few glugs of olive oil….I think it was maybe 1/2 cup or so. After all that stuff was in there I closed the bag and mixed it all up.
I let it sit for about 30 mins, then freaked out cause it needed to get in the oven to start cooking. Probably would be better marinating for a few hours…but whatever. I popped them into a pan, poured the extra saucy stuff on top of the chicken, then added a little salt to the chicken, along with a really light dusting of cayenne cause I didn’t know how well the chicken would brown. I popped it into the oven (375) and used a thermometer put into the thickest part of the biggest piece of chicken, set to 165 degrees. I have a timer that the thermometer hooks up to and beeps when the meat hits the right temp. I swear the reason why I’m soo good at cooking meat in the oven is because of that stupid thermometer. šŸ™‚
When it was done, I just pulled it out, and let it rest for bout 20 min before we ate it.
To go with it we had baked potatoes (go go microwave) and sauteed asparagus (olive oil + minced garlic and salt).
The kids loved it, Jason loved it, shoot I couldn’t even get enough. If you wanted to get really ambitious you could take the drippings from the chicken and make some gravy, but I think the drippings were just fine on my potato as they were.

Figured I’d share, Decker even said we could eat it three times a week and he’d be happy. Can’t get a better review than that!


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