As requested, the garden

So, we planted in stages. We had to, the clay soil was soo hard to get through with the hand tiller we were too exhausted after the first square. We did end up getting a ton of stuff planted, though.

That’s the first three squares. We’ve got all sorts of stuff planted: cucumbers, green onions, sweet onions, watermelon, bok choy, spinach, 4 types of hot peppers, green peppers, beets, broccoli, peas, carrots, and I think that’s it.

The big tomatoes were transplanted, that’s why they look sad, and there’s also basil planted around them.

SAM_1562 More herbs 🙂

SAM_1564 Decker helped with the strawberries and we also got two types of mint.


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  1. It looks great! I’m so excited for you! I look forward to when I have a garden. I want herbys so badly!! High five on the good work


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