I love frugal ideas!

Ok, I love my foaming dish-soap. It just makes life easier. I hate the price. Yeah yeah, I know you can buy refills, but those are expensive too. Well, today I tried out a new idea. I made my own refill.
Ok so I had some left over soap form the dollar store, added about half and inch to an inch of soap to the foaming soap container. Then I slowly poured in some warm/hot water. I swirled it around a little (didn’t shake) to prevent bubbles, popped the lid on, and BOOM! Ridiculously cheap refill!
I think now I’ll get some foaming soap containers for the bathrooms too, because with the amount of soap that’s actually in the so called “refill” I’ll save a bunch in the long run. Some of the best ideas are the simplest, that’s for sure!

Extra hint: So, Christmas is coming up. You know you’re going to get some soap products (eg: bath soap) and you know you probably won’t like it. Well if you’re like me and 1. can’t remember who gave you what to re-gift or 2. feel bad about not using it, well here’s a GREAT way to use it! Just use it for hand soap instead!


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  1. Posted by Jason Barborka on October 29, 2010 at 4:17 pm

    You are amazing! You should dedicate this whole blog to ways to save money.


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