Frugal Market

I went to the Round Rock Farms to Market on Wednesday as usual and one of the farmers was cutting the tops off of onions and just selling the bottoms. The tops no longer looked good, and most people wouldn’t buy the onion if the tops looked wilted and brown, even though it wouldn’t matter.

Thankfully I know better. There was nothing wrong with those tops that a little adjustment couldn’t fix. Anything that I couldn’t save would be future compost, so why not try. SO I asked him for the tops. He looked at me like I was crazy, then got a little excited and thought it was cool I even wanted them. He ended up giving me all the tops he had, and even apologized he didn’t have more. Just gotta say, I LOVE Bush Farms. He just gave me the goodies for free. (I did buy a basket of the purple onions, yum!) Just awesome!

So what to do with a bag of onion tops that looks like a hot mess?? Take a knife and start cleaning em up!!

All I did was pull off the parts that looked wilted or brown, and cut off any tops that were getting that way. I ended up with a lovely pile of green onion tops! Perfect for salads, or, well, just about anything I’d use onions for!

Now the leftover wilted parts, and smaller pieces I just don’t feel like cleaning up. Well, I make stock once a week, sometimes more. I don’t know about you, but I HATE using a whole onion. Seems like a waste to use something you’d eat normally in stock. I already have a bag in the freezer that I save all my cuttings from various vegetables, but there never seems to be enough onions. Well, Time to clean up the scraps! All I did was just take off the brown crispy parts and I ended up with a decent freezer bag full of future stock fodder.

It’s amazing what things happen when you start going to a farmer’s market and speaking with the people that produce your food. You end up getting diamonds in the rough, that others would cast off. Funny enough, this week I got the onion tops, and at another vendor I got another customer’s turnip greens because they don’t use them. Talk about a great day at the market!!


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