Simple is Wonderful

So yesterday was a great day at the market. Seeing all the new vendors at Round Rock Farm 2 Market was just great. In particular there was a new vendor that interested me. Lala’s Lemonade sounded just too perfect. It’s been hot here in Texas for awhile now. I can make my own lemonade, but if I can get it at the market, and it’s about as pure and natural as it comes, why not try? So I bought a half gallon and brought it home. Sorry kids, this is mommy’s treat this week. (I might share, still don’t think I want to!)

Last night was tiring. Brought home everything from the market, putting kids to work, getting homework done, cleaning, feeding, bed time, crazy baby….just tiring. Now, I did get that lemonade, and hubby did pick up some tequilla…..oh yum!

Drunk Lemonade

8oz glass
1 shot your choice of tequilla
the rest lemonade
(you can add a shot if you’re daring)

The tequilla we used was 1800 Select Silver Tequilla. Now, I’ve had Patrón, and while it is very good, this stuff we got is equally as smooth and WAY cheaper and every bit as fabulous.

So, I don’t think you could get a more perfect summery drink. Lemonade + tequilla = love in a glass. Especially when paired with beef tamales from Pleasant Hills Farm. Life is good!


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