Easy Salsa

I make many different types of salsa. Seriously. Salsa is pretty much my favorite thing to eat for a snack. You’re eating tomatoes, and whatever else you’ve put in it, so that can’t be too bad for you, right? 😉 So here it goes. No real chopping involved, and it’s fairly quick.
You’ll need:
Blender/Food Processor (either will work, if your blender is weak, use a food processor instead)
Sheet pan lined with tinfoil or a silpat (cookie sheet)
a container for your salsa

your choice of chili
Serrano, jalapeno, whatever you like for heat, make it as spicy or mild as you like

As for the tomatoes, if you get them at a farmer’s market or your backyard you will get truly vine ripened tomatoes and your salsa will be amazing. If you buy them from the store, they usually put unripened tomatoes into a container and fill it up with gas to turn the tomatoes red. That’s why they last so darn long. They’re not ripe to begin with. The better quality tomato you use, the yummier this will be.

To start, open up your oven and move a rack to the top position for broiling. Close that sucker up and turn your oven onto broil. If you have a high/low set it to high.
Cut your tomatoes in half and place them cut side down on your sheet pan. In my oven the broiler is the weakest near the door, so I place my garlic still in the paper and my chilis (cut in half, cut side down) near the door. This will make for more even charring.

Pop these guys in the oven and don’t walk away. Depending on your oven, your charring process can take 3-7 min. If you go over, you’ll end up with little briquettes and a mess to clean up. It’s quick, you can get everything out while they’re in the oven if you haven’t already

When the look a little charred pull them out and let them cool for a minute. Then take the garlic out of the paper and toss it in your blender. Then, I just pick up my tinfoil carefully and pour everything else into my blender. Once that’s done, I throw in a pinch of salt and about 1/2 tsp of cumin. Thrown in some cilantro, I throw in about a handfull, then cover and blend. If your tomatoes are still hot, you will have some expansion in the volume, so put a dishtowel over the lip and hold onto the top. We like salsa in bowls, not as a decoration for the kitchen walls. 🙂

Once you’ve got it nicely blended, taste it. See if you need more heat, or salt. Once you have it adjusted, pour into a tupperware, or serving bowl. You can let it cool in the fridge or eat it just like it is, warm, with anything you like to use salsa for.

The true beauty of this recipe is that it’s so simple that you can add tons of things to it to change it up. Say you like it a little more smokey? Add a couple chipotles in. You can add all sorts of goodies to make it how you like.
Possible additions:
replace the cilantro with basil and you’ve got easy pasta sauce!

Perfect for tacos!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jason Barborka on May 26, 2011 at 10:50 am

    Gotta add in Chipotles, Avacados, and onions! We need to make some today:)


  2. Posted by Kerri B. on June 2, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    I made this recipe several times over Memorial Day Weekend. It was a big hit. I love the flavor broiling the ingredients adds to the salsa. This is also something that seems easy to modify and make your own.


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