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School’s Out

I struggle with ideas for dinner. I don’t like cooking the same thing every night, and the kids really don’t like it when I do that either. So what do I do? Do I troll around the internet? All that ever yields me is lots of pretty pictures and things I never do. Where do I find inspiration? I guess that’s what kids are for.

When Decker came home from school on his last day, he told me immediately that he wanted to do home-school/summer-school. I was seriously shocked. “Decker you just got out of school, are you serious?” He said he was, and then proceeded to get onto Netflix and watch Nova all weekend. Man I have a weird kid. Well, crap. Now I need to get stuff together for that.

While I’m trolling the internet for home-school ideas, I’m thinking about things I can teach him. We need to do math, writing, art, PE, and other stuff. What am I going to do for history or world studies? Whoa, I think I actually have an idea and I don’t have to stress about what to cook as much!

So for the summer we will be “traveling the world” through food! Every week I will be cooking from a different country and we will learn about that country’s food, history, and other neat bits and pieces. I’m not sure if a week will be enough for each culture, but we’ll just have to see how it works.

Decker’s first request? Sushi. Seriously. He said it’s his favorite thing. Now, I don’t feel I can do sushi right, so this one we might just have to go out for, but the beauty is, he will learn that every culture is much more than the one small bit he knows it as. Right now, Japan for him is sushi. That’s it. So on this journey we will both be learning new things and having our own inspiration. This summer is going to be very fun. 🙂

This will be my husband all summer long.