What to plant?

I started gardening last year. I started simple with really just some tomatoes, basil, cucumbers, and some different type of chilis. This year, though, I’ve got more to think about. I live in Texas. Texas isn’t like most states that has the summer to grow in. You can grow year round!! This got me to thinking….I want to grow a lot of different things, but what? And how expensive are seeds going to be? What type of seeds should I choose? How much do I really want to research this? I’ve got 3 kids, do I have TIME to research? Yeah I don’t, so now what?

Surprisingly enough, my kids gave me this simple idea. So simple you’ll smack your head in embarrassment that you haven’t already thought of this. If you already knew, shame on you for not sharing to the rest of us!!

Decker, my oldest, wanted to do a science experiment. I had just juiced a lemon for him to make some invisible ink, and he thought it’d be cool to plant the seeds. Why not, right? So, plant away we did. Guess what? We now have 2 lemon trees growing!!


Jared has to get in on the growing action. This kid LOVES apples. So, he has to plant a bunch of apple seeds. I honestly didn’t expect anything to grow again, but they did! We now have an apple tree growing!


Well, I thought, I need to get in on this action, but what do I want to plant? I want to plant EVERYTHING!! Well, that’s not helpful. So where to go for ideas? Shoot, I’m going to the market anyways, and they’re growing things right now I could grow.

See, the farmers at the market have done the research. They know what varieties work in the area. They know when to plant. They will generally give advice if you’re polite and don’t ask too much.

Now here’s the part people forget about. See, that nice cantaloupe you just bought? You know how when you open it up you scoop out the seeds? Yeah, those are SEEDS!! And free with your purchase of the melon!! So many people, so silly, go buy the melon, scoop out the seeds and trash em, then go to the store and BUY seeds to plant after mulling over what variety to buy!! STOP THE MADNESS!!! Scoop the seeds out! Save them! But how?

All you need to do, is separate the seeds out from the pulp, wash them up, and plant them right away! If you’d like to store them for next year, just lay them on a towel to dry. I like to make sure they’re truly dry before I package them up, and I lay them out in my windowsill on a terracotta plate. I use my plate to dry anything that shouldn’t be dried with heat, and it soaks up the moisture from under the seeds too, so no wet spots.


This takes all the guesswork out of what to plant. You know what type of plants grow in your area, and which varieties do well, and all the research you had to do was go to your local farmer’s market and enjoy their wares. Happy planting!!!


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