For the New Year

I think everyone should do resolutions for the new year. I started doing them two years ago and I’ve loved it. They give me motivation and some basic goals to hit. Something about writing down things you want to do makes them actually happen. Just for fun I’ll share with you the list from last year. I always put some big things and little things so that by halfway through the year I have something accomplished. 🙂
2011 Resolution List:

Bigger garden

Herb garden

More canning

garage organized

start yoga


lower our debt load

learn to use more herbs

learn more recipes

incorporate more vegis

learn to make yoghurt

It really is funny to see what you actually ended up doing. I thought I’d get all the easy ones done, and the more daunting ones would end up getting done at the end. Found out it ended up being a mix of both. Now for the fun part: next year’s list.

2012 Resolution List

Expand the garden more

Herb garden

Double my canning

Use the pressure canner

Garage organized

Finish p90x

Learn how to make yogurt

Remodel the bathroom (haha yeah right)

For every gift send a Thank you note (so bad at that)

Build a patio

Organize crafting supplies

Get a chest freezer

Purge the house once a month

Make more homemade gifts

Write a blog post once a week MINIMUM!

Get all meat/dairy/vegis from people I know. If I want something new, get to know a new person. (and I mean the producers of said food, not the sellers)


I think that’s probably a good list for now. I actually like to add to the list later in the year as things change.  I’ve got some good realistic goals, some harder to reach, and some I honestly don’t think I’ll actually get done. Why? You seriously never know what’s going to happen in the year, so why not think outside the realm of what you think might be possible?! I honestly didn’t think I could lower our debt load last year, but I did, and even did better than I would have imagined I could! Did I honestly actually think I’d do yoga? Nope. Did it!! Think big and small when you’re putting together your list. Also remember this list is for the ENTIRE year!! Not just January! If it’s not done in the first month…well then you’re got 11 more months to get it done!! Most of my list didn’t get done until August.

So that’s my big list for the new year, what do you have planned?



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